Episode 3- A Quick Win

by Spencer Segelov

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From Mertzbow to Madonna

Following on from rock and chamber pop albums (Episodes 1 & 2), Spencer McGarry returns with a synth pop third. Originally intended as a partly instrumental album influenced by cerebral electronic music, and also noisy, glitch soundscapes, what eventually emerged was a collection of 80's influenced pop, married with the music of Nintendo games.

The intention was always to produce the opposite of the last album, something obviously synthetic and lacking warmth. Thus, Episode 3 is a break from the previous incarnation (an almost double album behemoth of densely orchestrated musical pop), but it also feels like a continuation of the two albums that have gone before, with the energy and conciseness of Episode 1 and the layered sounds and unexpected, abrupt changes of Episode 2, all shot through with strong melodies and a sense of the absurd.

Songs deal with shallow people (At The Party), pro-illuminati rhetoric (We Make The World Run on Time), incomprehension at negative speculation (The Pessimist Light), obsession with a girl which becomes a violent religion (These Things in Your Name) and excessive boredom (One Thing Is Certain, I Can Be Hard Work)

Working with synths and keyboards in 2011, with long standing collaborators Sweet Baboo (who produced, mixed and engineered) and Avvon Chamber on drums, Spencer played and sang on the album himself, burned out from working with such a large group of musicians previously.

By turns ambitious and also directly simple, cold and humorous, Episode 3 is further insight into the eclectic mind of Spencer McGarry.


released July 23, 2012

Engineered & Mixed By Stephen Black
Written, Arranged & Performed by Spencer McGarry
Drums- Avvon Chambers
Mastered by- Donal Whelan at Hafod Mastering
Drum programming on #2 & #3- Luke Taylor
Image- Kirsten McTernan

Dedicated to Kioji Kondo



all rights reserved


Spencer Segelov Cardiff, UK

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Track Name: A Feature Not A Bug
Once again I'm looking for support
My data's called in sick despite all we're taught
Gingerly pacing periphery this time forsooth
Well thank you Vint & Bob and than you "future proof"
They don't look back and we don't look back-
and there's no way back to one system

Disruption is a feature not a bug

There was a time it's written before the Meme-
When the world was run in hands of fewer men
Now death watch of intellectual property law-
Like whatever killed off the dinosaur
They don't look back and we don't look back-
and there's no way back to one system
Track Name: We Make The World Run On Time
Starting wars to make a cause to start more wars
You may think it cruel, but fossil fuel need renewal
Suppressing the electric car.
Fixing polls, planting moles, to keep the elected from infected.
You think this a crime? We make the world run on time.

We make the world run on time
You may have your way but I'll get mine

Climate change can be arranged just like Loose Change
You say Hindenburg, Titanic iceberg was us at Bilderberg?
We love internal rhyme.
McCartney got too close, we defend first past the post-royal lizard hosts.
Be vigilant citizen, we make the world run on time.
Track Name: At The Party
At the party, I see you, you smile, you're the best
Then the drums go with feeling, this moves people to undress.

Pour out my insides for a little while, it's just a likeness of human kind
All I need to help pass a life, is success, wonderful success

When the fee's paid, mind is made, hips lock to design
Bass is porous, hearing fluid, as brainwaves make the choice

Sieve out my insides for a little while, it's just a likeness of human kind
All I need to help pass a life, is success wonderful success

There are things to be seen and things at to be seen-
When life is treading boards, in between the bores
Well you got me doing step in time, you say 'jump' I say 'how high'?
Dressing al la cart'ly, always at the party
Track Name: One Thing Is Certain
One thing is cerrtain- borderlines, contorted signs
One thing is cerrtain- envelopes, faded hopes
You know I love you- labeled homes, cabled moans
One thing is certain

Take me somewhere, I turn into someone other than me, I need to-
Take me somewhere I turn into, someone other than me I need to

One thing is certain- microwaves, have many graves
Only the lonely, have time to chat, chew liver'd fat
I've been to lonely, loose ends make boring friends
Let's give each other, visiting hours, devolved powers
One thing is certain

Every job will involve filing, endless data synthesising
Answer I'm quickly surmising, lucky me I'm enterprising

We are fixing, fixing a crime, I am avoiding a felony fine
Now time for standstill (though standing's alright)
We are fixing, fixing a crime

And if you care for nothing, pride in nothing, show me something
Track Name: The Pessimist Light
Who decides when stock markets bend and then break?
Garden fence gossip plants seeds that'll shake
Poll the headless poultry for what to expect
With memories of bad news, anchoring effect

We all march to the pessimist light, in the dark lit by pessimist light
Two by two by the pessimist light, sparking fuses with the pessimist light

Forcasts self fulfill dour prophecy-
Retrospectively gaining legitimacy
Pseudo-cynically rabid pack bark and they bray
Lazily tone 'this was best yesterday'

When as a boy I had Werthers for free-
Now Werther's effect worries society-
Just one instance enough for base rate fallacy
As selective memory filters (out) victory
Track Name: Mass Decisions
Safety in numbers, you test the mettle out of me
You wine while whining and why about it
Mass decisions make no sense, measured in pounds and pence-
Distinct from a symphony
Mass decisions'What's our motion, trajectory?'
They cry 'CONSPIRACY!'
Everything's running haphazard, in random yet tandem sands
This hasn't been properly costed-
But you can see how it could look like a plan

Safety in numbers, a mass personality-
The cracks begin to slow solvently so
Then they telling me of teleology, when all there is would disagree
Mass Decisions- Harum scarum, devil may care, a little too much
Those that think that events are ordered-
In magazines, semiotic glands
How can they leave the house in the morning-
Knowing that each morning is planned?

[massive guitar solo]

Safety in numbers, a fear of lost identity
Quelled yells well in gelatine cells
Have you heard the herd, think something quite absurd-
Comparable to deity?
Mass decisions- "grab our torches, going hunting'
'Somebody know the way?'
In truth, we're just about picking up sticks-
And coating this in meaningful sheen
Yes people make the world run on their time
Time is deus ex machina
Random things, re-branded whims as meaningful limbs

There is not a plan
Track Name: These Things In Your Name
You conned CERN, they'd find you
No mater how big they build it, no summit of limt, is within remit
The noises about you keep growing
Always knew- your smile could start a Race, a kiss a tidal wave
Bad look an early grave, a touch becomes grace
Always new- with paint and the pen the calligraphic men-
Pontificate to ascend, but draw blanks and then...

I don't know what you've been told
A girl like you keeps an atheist whole
Even when I'm shaking from a God that went so bad
Now I'm going to persecute on your behalf-
I'll be intolerant on your behalf

Knowing what you do, is passion marsupial
The choir around you keep growing
The canon about you keeps growing
We're shipping off to venerate, find an holy place-
Fund an arms race, an extremist state
Worshipping- the chattering class, attending your mass-
Suppine help they ask, while singing 'Breaking Glass'

In Sanctum of Deus
Your face is forbidden fruit from the start
Is it blasphemy to lust deity? I'd burn in infamy for a part
Let me touch you like Jacob did

Aperture induces rapture
You always well-framed porcelain amber
In situ- you belong at home, let the nomads roam-
For Ark and Grail attone, my sweet Rosetta stone
Institute- Eccumenical crew, weld the favoured few
I will have no more before you

Well idols come and idols go-
I gave my God up long ago
Like an older Testament, you're coming on so cruel
I'll lobby to teach about you in schools
I'm going to teach you in schools
Track Name: Great Scandal Of Our Times
Do you know Fred Barnes? We all got our black sheep
Your obsession pour homme, will end in lovers leap
Many lives, we tried to be faithful
Great scandal of our times

Would houses abruptly receed? Left islanded empty? Idle?
Would anger's null toxic youth overtly utter-
'I can't believe that we betrayed us'
Great scandal of our times

It's time to move above talking shop
I'm always a man of full stop and always a great scandal of our times

Human, I think I'm all too human, the way that I'm schooled is my ruin

I know you get harder after encryption
Compounded to this, I'm a head-onnanist
I'm telling you straight, this smells only of sulphur
Track Name: I Can Be Hard Work
There is a terror of low tide, bored abreviated confines
Nasally quoting my lines
Swallow pictures, a taboo or two-
Feed the flames all sinews, it's not my place to annalyse

The beating heart, when music starts- synthesise, aclimatise
Waves upon waves, urbanite braves tear me apart it's a start

What's worse than nothing to say?
Battery rejects float the same, I just need a quick win
I can't abide the repertoire, facts and figures abattoir
Please understand this is a slight

Here's a beating heart, a body of work
I can be hard work- for me it's worse!
I wrack my brains on trams and trains
Wait for the spark, it's a start

New things, looking out for new things
I'm going to take you higher, free from your desire
Track Name: Long Division Ambition
I'm taking my time, I don't think I get close to you
I'm living a lie, I notice that you live one too
I'm pushing my hide in face of indifferent success
That's aloof unkind, at least I got ambition

I'm taking my time you don't call so I have to do-
Nothing but live this lie, it's almost like you want me too
I'm praying 'Oh Line deliver me from negligence'
It's taking it's time, I hate it I got ambition

Terror rendition in stress position, as a provision I bring ambition

All I need is the money to do it- give me the funds and I'll jump to it
Cannot ignore your sarcasm

No contrition, war of attrition incite sedition I bring ambition

All your opinions are thousands of calories
Weighing me down as you shout from the galleries
A lazier man would just take the sallary
I've fired my employers allegorically

Consult staticians about my mission, as a tradition I bring ambition

I'm doing long division ambition
Track Name: The Big Freeze
The Big Freeze, a pan global big frieze
Vesuvius'd in captured pleas
If thaw we shatter at the knees

Ice breaker, a conversation killer

The Big Freeze, we're paused paws in the Big Freeze
Tabloid puns blow cold in breeze
Celebrity endorses freeze

I'm going outside, I may be a while
Before my money freezes and I loose my rights
Nothing like the feeling of green fingers...
Track Name: Think First!
Can't you see, I'm smart like a simile?
But I'm bad to seed, with selfish greed
Working out, filled with too little doubt-
To see where logic leads, where summits meet

Think First- before I tread on somebody
Think First- before I cross my own line
Think First- memory is a river
Think First- I tend to forget each crime
Think First- when I speak it's a gamble
Think First- but with some gentle pre-amble I can think first

Temper me before legalities-Finally ruin me
The down and outs beacon with soldered shouts
Recognise one of their kind

Think First- before I cause a great scandal
Think First- before 'local man gets blamed'
Think First- prior to waking up naked
Think First- a continuity mistake
Think First- a witty line and a dress sense, will only get so far-
I should think first
Track Name: Hands
You got me holding hands, you got me holding hands
You said 'eyes up, wise up, got to keep the lies up' hands
A secret's not to share, won't catch me unaware
Size up, wise up, keeping the disguise up hands

Other people know their limits, I'm always one step too far
While resturanting all are critics, dressed by Harper's Bazaar
It's hard to be civic, when civic's left ajar
So you've got me walking hand in hand

Bittersweet holding hands, but if this all goes to plan
I'll get my reward, broadsword, his and his contoured hands
We can only go so far, to come in under-par-
I jettison my reticence, two feet plunge in 'look no hands!'

Other people know their limits, I'm always one step too far
While resturanting all are critics, dressed by Harpers Bizarre
It's hard to be civic, when civic's left ajar
So you're touching me with healing hands

You caught me holding Hans, you caught me holding hands
Eyes up, wise up you think I'd keep the lies up hands
A futsure's not to share, won't catch me unaware
Size up, wise up, no keeping the disguise up-
He's touching me with healing hands
Holding hands, holding Hans, holding Hans